Steinway - Jealous spanish and african american women

Chicago, Illinois 2 comments
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Hello, I shop on Steinway for at least 7years now.For the last 2 years I do have problems every time .

I am white , blonde, blue eyes. Those jealous women (cashiers) on Steinway are accusing me of switching price tags just to say "I can't sell you this". I'm sick and tired. Looking to hire a lawyer.

It is not admissible. If I was darker skin I will be treated better. I saw how they deal with other people.

I'm positively sure the color of skin has to do a lot with the way im treated.They should write up front the store :"only blacks"

Review about: Salvation Army.



You poor thing!It is sooo hard to be white AND blonde in this country!

I'm white and have blue eyes, but luckily I'm brunette, so I don't have to deal with such terrible discrimination.:roll :roll


This must be a case of reverse racism. I find it hard to believe this. There must be a reason for these accusations, and if they aren't actually doing doing these things, could it be that you are trying to make trouble?

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